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  • 2014-10-16 10:51:13 The utility model patent certificate

    The utility model patent certificate has been issued to our company, which marks the products of our company has gained national recognition.

  • 2014-8-28 9:37:16 Each machine substitution back this year:

    Numerous successful cases, automation manufacturing companies introduce 1 each small multi-joint robot, can complete five workers workload, 1 year to recover the cost. In the five years ago, it can take five to six years to recover the cost. In contrast to the artificial cost rise, the cost of robot back also is expected to shorten the time, this also is helpful for promoting the popularity of robots.

  • 2014-7-12 11:29:23 ISO90012008

    SuoLuXin automation won the China quality certification center issued by the quality management system certification inspection notice, the news marks the Shanghai SuoLuXin automation co., LTD. ( to establish compliance with ISO9001:2008 certification standards of quality management system, industrial robot automation system integration design, manufacture, development and production of quality management system

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  • 2012-1-31 11:12:04 New Year's it!

    New Year's it!

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    辞旧迎新 大锦2011餐会欢乐举办 岁末年初,辞旧迎新,我公司于1/10(周二)举办了温馨欢乐餐会.平日幕后支持的职工家属及合作夥伴也受邀参加! 会上,大锦总经理发表了新年说话,叶总首先感谢大家2011年乐于奉献及辛劳付出!表示,尽管当前经济环境不太乐观,制造业也暂时陷入低迷,但是大锦的业务目标方向仍是有著峥嵘前景.期许大锦全体成员,繼續不懈的努力,紧密合作,携手同心,为2012年共创佳绩而努力! ~~~有你们相伴,大锦不断演绎精采~~~ 会中,安排了现金摸彩助兴,几位经理干部中奖加码重抽助兴了大家高昂情绪,全场在沸腾欢乐的气氛中度过.